Lashings of Sauce - Robbie Whyte, Elyan Smith, Lillian Francis, Rebecca Cohen, Elin Gregory, Sandra Lindsey, Becky Black, Tam Ames, Josephine Myles, J.L. Merrow, Emily Moreton, Charlie Cochrane, Zahra Owens, Alex Beecroft, Clare London, Anne Brooke, Jordan Castillo Price • Post Mortem by Jordan Castillo Price: 3.5 stars
• Dressing Down by Clare London: 3 stars
• Et Tu, Fishies? by JL Merrow: 3 stars
• Zones by Elyan Smith: Not my cup of tea
• Sollicito by Charlie Cochrane: Shifters, no thanks
• A Few Days Away by Elin Gregory: 3.5 stars
• Vidi Velo Vici by Robbie Whyte: 3.5 stars
• Shelter From Storms by Sandra Lindsey: 3 Stars
• Faulty Genes by Rebecca Cohen: Not my cup of tea
• Lost in London by Tam Ames: 4 stars
• My Husband by Zahra Owens: Not my cup of tea
• Waiting for a Spark by Lillian Francis 4 stars
• Social Whirl by Emily Moreton: Not my cup of tea
• School for Doms by Anne Brooke: Not my cup of tea
• Dragon Dance by Josephine Myles 4 stars
• Reclaiming Territory by Becky Black: 3.5 stars

Overall, some really good shorts :)
-and a few that wasn't what I like to read, but I'm sure they're someone elses taste ;)